Living Conduit

Dates: 09/22/2021
Show: DCX: Develope Connect Experience, Comissioned, Curated by Zac Tinney
Location: Wilco Workspaces, Cedar Park, TX
Medium: Site-specific installation - Projection mapping
Materials: Audio, video
Dimensions: 100' x 50' x 50'
Credits: Visual Support: Nicolás Perilli, Production Support: Isabel Rodríguez, Lo Engel

Project Summary:  The goal of this install was to reflect and create conversations around the human experience in relation to what we are, living conduits. My personal mission was to create a multi-sensory experience, breaking through the fourth wall, transporting the viewer into a dream-like state. Creating harmonious vibes in a break out room where viewers could dis-connect from the day-to-day, only to re-connect to higher vibrations during an inward journey. To elevate my practice, I took on the challenge of creating a holistic experience. With this 1000 square foot space, I was aiming to touch all the different senses in order to trigger the spirit. In staying true to my ethos, I found an opportunity to bring topics around the human footprint and the current clash with earth. The motivation was partially seeing and being part of this vast expansion of our human living grounds over natural earth. The visual snaps I took while driving past construction sites inspired the design aesthetics. Images of vines and flowers that cover the fences of these sites of destruction and construction was an unexpected element of this install. It was the piece that brought it home. This project took me outside of my vision of doing purely environmental work, but learning how to bring it back was a sense of meaning.