Listen To Her

Dates:  4/21/21 - 05/10/21
Show: Solo studio show exhibtion
Location: One Earth Studios, Miami, FL
Medium: Site-specific installation - Projection mapping
Materials: Audio, video
Dimensions: 30' x 12' x 1'  
Credits: Visual Support: Nicolás Perilli

Project Summary:  Biscayne Bay has reached a tipping point. On August 10th, 2020, The Bay experienced an unprecedented fish kill. This is an alarming red flag which screams at the critical state of the bay and requires immediate intervention. 'Listen To Her' is an immersive projection mapping media installation that livesat the intersection of technology, art and science. My aim is to creatively highlight the peace and beauty that can be found within the waters, while addressing the key factors that are resulting in the death of the Bay. My purpose is to have the Miami community understand their impact on their local environment. I hope to reveal the possibilities of the climate crisis for future generations of Miami. The ultimate goal is to create a memorable, educational and transformational experience.