Jamal Hussain is a New Media Artist working at the intersection of technology and science. He is of Indian descent, raised in Miami, FL, and currently resides in Austin, TX. 

Jamal's background in technology has informed his current practice of using the power of light via the application of media artifacts. His designs explore innovative mediums and how these are becoming an extension of our consciousness. As well as studying the complex relationship between the transition humanity is experiencing within the 4th industrial revolution and its link to the health of our planet. 

As an emerging artist, he has completed 25 media installations with themes relating to the human impact on Earth. His works have been shown at established programs such as Co-Lab Projects, Arts Fort Worth, DaDaLab, Dougherty Arts Center, and Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. Most recently, he was selected to participate in the Willow House residency in Terlingua, Texas where he created a site specific media installation related to climate change effects on the Rio Grande. 

As an endeavor to support the arts, he started ‘Blank Canvas’, an artist residency using his personal studio and equipment which allows digital artists in the community to bring their online visuals to a physical 360 immersive environment. Jamal hopes his work will lead to the awareness of our connection to the earth.